Summer 1982 Self-Sufficiency Seminar Program

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Cordwood construction is just one of many topics covered in MOTHER EARTH NEWS' self-sufficiency seminar programs. 
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Richard Freudenberger points out architectural features of MOTHER EARTH NEWS' earth-sheltered house.
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A lesson in "corn power" ethanol production.
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Two youngsters find their own "hands-on" experience pumping water.
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Gardener Kerry Sullivan demonstrates the art of "double digging."
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The Show-Hows drew hundreds of dedicated learners.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS’ staffers have been busily laying the groundwork for 1982’s expanded self-sufficiency seminar program, to be held at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Eco-Village near Hendersonville, North Carolina. We plan to offer three full weeks of classes next summer, in subjects as diverse as wild foods foraging and wood stove construction.

In response to requests we’ve received from previous seminar participants for even more hands-on experience, we’ve redesigned some of our offerings to create a series of one-day lecture-style courses, each of which will be accompanied by two complete days of workshop practice. If you sign up for Cordwood Construction or Low-Cost Solar, for example, you’ll have the choice of attending only the classroom day or sticking around for an additional two days of do-it-yourself experience. The work shops are an entirely optional part of the course work, and–since we want to limit the number of participants in order to insure that everyone involved has a chance to get his or her hands “dirty”–they’ll be offered to attendees on a first come, first served basis. Meat and Dairy Production, Wood stove Construction and Maintenance, and Alternative Waste Management, on the other hand, each offer a two-day combination seminar and hands-on workshop.

Next summer’s seminar schedule will also include a roster of short classes (each lasting one day) which can be taken in sequence or singly. This series–designed to make any homeowner more capable of handling a variety of general around-the-house maintenance tasks–includes courses devoted to basic plumbing maintenance, electrical repair, home heating and cooling, carpentry, masonry, and welding.

As always, the activity at our Eco-Village won’t end when the sun goes down. We’re putting together a full roster of evening mini-courses to offer instruction in bee keeping, stained glass, alcohol fuel production, methane, and wood-fired electric generators … to name a few of the subjects to be covered.

Needless to say, a visit to our North Carolina property next summer will involve a lot of learning, but it’s also bound to be fun! You’re welcome to camp out in our beautiful mountain valley, hike the nature and survival trails, or spend a quiet evening by the lake. All in all, there’s hardly a better place than our Eco-Village to spend your summer vacation … and now’s not too soon to start planning that adventure! 

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