See Disneys Oceans to Help Earths Oceans

Reader Contribution by Emily Kennedy
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Opening in theaters on April 22, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, is Disneynature‘s new documentary, OceansThe film ispart of their “See Oceans, Save Oceans” campaign with The Nature Conservancy, organized to help efforts to support the conservation of the coral reefs in the Caribbean. The movie highlights the current state of the world’s five oceans, as well as the potential threats that could cause further deterioration of this beautiful and widely cherished marine habitat. For every person who sees the documentary during the first week of the premiere, Disneynature will give a donation to The Nature Conservancy. A portion of the sales will also go toward the Adopt a Coral Reef project in The Bahamas, which was started by the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to support proper expansion and continuing management of new marine habitats.

If you are concerned for the future of coral reefs and the species that live within them, you can do your part — and enjoy stunning footage of the oceans and the awe-inspiring life they’re home to — by seeing Oceans April 22 through April 28. Even a small contribution can help the incredible yet threatened marine environment. For more information on the Earth’s oceans, check out 15 Fun and Surprising Facts About the Earth’s Oceans. You can also read more and find educational activities on the Disneynature website.

To watch trailers and clips of Oceans, just click the link at left and select Videos. If you have really young kiddos and are trying to decide if the National Geographic-style footage is age-appropriate (it’s rated G), here’s one parent’s review.

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