Reuse and Recycle Electronic Waste

Today is Black Friday, the day when retailers can hope to get ‘out
of the red’ and ‘in the black,’ as American consumers spend more
money than on any other shopping day of the year.

All this spending means Americans will end up with plenty of old
gadgets that need a new home. Today, one of the most important
environmental concerns is waste disposal. Because our electronic
technology is advancing at an extremely rapid pace, it is time to
consider what to do with our outmoded computers and other
electronic devices.

Some Alarming Numbers:

  • Every single year, Americans throw away 2 MILLION TONS of
    electronic products!
  • Of the 2 million tons of e-waste, 50 MILLION computers and 130
    MILLION cell phones are tossed!
  • The federal government disposes of 10,000 computers every

Fortunately, effective solutions to the problem of e-waste are
beginning to emerge. Some states are hitting consumers where it
hurts ? in the wallet ? to combat the problem. For example, in
California it costs $6 to $10 to dispose of an e-waste item. Some
companies, such as
Retrobox are
taking advantage of the situation by selling discarded electronic
machinery, still in working condition, at bargain prices. You may
also find a home for your functional electronic trash at
Freecycle or
eBay. Freecyclers trade used
goods with one another in local communities, at no cost. Ebay users
often auction their used electronics at great deals. If your
electronic waste is not in working condition, visit
Earth911 for information
about how you can recycle it.

You can also try finding your holiday gifts on these Web sites, or
check out Mother Earth
for great ‘green’ gift ideas.

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