The Recycling Game

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The recycling game was how one family found new uses for old things.

If sitting around the house on rainy days has given your family a collective case of cabin fever, you might try Donna Oakenfull’s evening pastime, “The Recycling Game.” Simply send one of your youngsters off to fetch two ordinary household objects and bring the items back to the group. Then have everyone in the room invent a way to reuse the articles once they’re worn out or no longer needed. The individual suggestions are all shared and then listed alphabetically in a special Recycling Game Notebook.

And, as Ms. Oakenfull points out, “Not only is our game fun to play, but the activity also gives the youngsters some practice in creative thinking and helps us avoid waste . . . while we all gain a special, ever-expanding anthology that’s a unique cross between an Encyclopedia of Recycling and a zany family album!”