How to Recycle a Subaru Into a Garden Trailer

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Learn how to recycle a Subaru into a garden trailer.

Learn how to recycle a Subaru and create a sturdy garden trailer from the old body and chassis of the car.

Recycle a Subaru Into a Garden Trailer

Marion, my husband, needed a cart of some sort . . .
something sturdy that he could attach to his garden tractor
and haul logs, firewood, and other heavy loads on. But
every cart built as husky as he wanted . . . also carried a
heftier price than he wanted to pay.

And then one day he saw a wrecked Subaru on the Datsun lot
where he works, and Marion knew he’d found just what he
needed. A couple of his buddies helped him cut the back end
out of the automobile, add a tongue, and — in general — convert
the rear portion of the car into the trailer you see here.

Nope, it ain’t much to look at . . . but our “new” cart has
already hauled many tons of wood for us. We live on six
acres, mostly wooded, near the edge of town and our son
(Michael, the handsome guy in the photo) fells only dead
trees . . . which he then saws into fuel for our fireplaces.
And the whole job — or at least the part about getting that
firewood to the house — is a great deal easier . . . thanks to an old Subaru.