Purina Program Reaches Out to Rescue Shelters

Reader Contribution by Press Release

Purina Horse Feed is partnering with A Home for Every Horse and www.Equine.com to give $125,000 worth of free horse feed coupons to rescue shelters in the United States. A portion of revenue from every bag of Strategy horse feed sold goes toward raising money for the coupons. According to a Purina Horse Feed press release, more than 150 rescue shelters have already taken part in the program, which allows the shelters to use funds for medical care and other resources rather than spend money on horse feed.

To take part in the program, 501(c)(3) rescue shelters can email or fax their 501(c)(3) determination or verification letters to orders@equine.com, or call 623-434-9200. Shelters must submit this information by August 17, 2012, in order to receive their Purina horse feed coupons in September.

To learn more about the program, you can visit www.FeedYourStrategy.com and www.AHomeForEveryHorse.com, or contact Purina Horse Feed Representative Kaylee Arostegui by calling 612-305-6306 or emailing kaylee.arestegui@exponentpr.com.