Photo of the Week: Winter Beauty

Reader Contribution by Aaron Harris

It’s that time of the year. The decorations, the lights, the gatherings, and, of course, the cold. What would December be without a little cold thrown in?

I’ve purposely waited to talk about winter, mainly because I connect it so quickly with Christmas and the holiday season. I am of the firm belief that Christmas shouldn’t be even thought about until three weeks before the actual day. Too much commercialization, not enough caring.

This week’s Photo of the Week represents one of the amazing things that happens four times a year: the changing of seasons. We get so worked up rushing to the shopping centers, figuring out dinners a month before they are to happen and those perfect lawn decorations that it’s easy to miss what nature is dishing up for us.

This snow-clad tree is framed beautifully with the lake and sunlight behind it. One can tell that this picture was taken before the solstice and when fall was still trying to hold on. It’s pretty awesome to see the mixture of snow and leaf together with the lake setting. The photographer did a great job capturing an interesting seasonal landscape shot.

From us here at MOTHER EARTH NEWS, we hope you enjoy your holiday season and take a moment or two to look around to enjoy what is going on in nature. The winter doesn’t just have to be cold and snow. There is a unique beauty to the season.

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