Photo of the Week: What Are You Thankful For?

Reader Contribution by Aaron Harris
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It’s Thanksgiving time. So what better photo for a “Photo of the Week” blog than one of turkeys? It might possibly be mandatory practice.

The photographer here did a good job of getting this picture without scaring off the birds. There is good focus and enough background to know what’s going on. A bit more zoom would have been awesome, but, you don’t want to get too close. 

I wanted to do something a little different this week. This blog post will not be about how we should look around and be aware of our world, or of things we don’t think of on the homestead. Instead, I wanted to give MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers a little bit of insight into some of the people that are responsible for the magazine and online content.

Every Thanksgiving, many of us are asked the same cliché question: What are you thankful for? The editorial staff at MOTHER EARTH NEWS answered this question and here is what we are thankful for this holiday season:

Jennifer: “Sunshine (even on these windy days), the existence of true love (go ahead and puke if you want, my gardens, my farmers, and of course, my Lloyd (yep, the cat.)

Allison: “Community” (Can you tell she is a quiet person?)

Heidi: “Abundance – more than I deserve.”

Megan: “Aside from all the obvious stuff (family, friends), I’m really thankful for my vision. I couldn’t be an editor or do anything I do the way I do it now without my eyes.”

Robin: “After being unemployed for 3 years, I’m tremendously grateful to have meaningful work with good people.”

Alison: “I’m thankful for awesome interns such as Aaron, Lauren and Allison” (Aww, shucks.  But, seriously, we are pretty awesome.)

And me? I’m thankful for the opportunities presented to me every day. This includes the challenging ones. Without them, I would not know what I am capable of.

And from the whole staff of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, we are all extremely thankful for our readers and contributors. You all make this publication possible and we are thankful for the opportunity to bring everyone great stories, DIY tips and blogs.

So what are our readers thankful for? We want to hear from you. Please comment and join the MOTHER community in reminding ourselves that there are plenty of things to be thankful for this holiday season.

Our thanks go out toBabs54 for sharing her gallery. Be sure to visit our free photo-sharing website,CU, and share your work for a chance to be featured in a Photo of the Week blog. You could even win a spot in the magazine! While you’re there, you can leave a comment on or rate other users’ photos.

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