Photo of the Week: Rippling Croak

Reader Contribution by Brenna Long
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In the middle of the pool of water, this toad lets out a croak, causing the water around him to ripple out. You can almost hear the toad’s sound causing the water to vibrate around him. Male toads croak to attract females for breeding, and females croak to return his call. 

While I was admiring this photo and the great little moment it captured, I wondered about how toads and frogs differ. I have see and held both, but I was interested in some of the specifics. Toads have bumpy skin, while frogs have smooth skin that can appear slimy. Toads are also adapted to drier conditions than frogs, which is why they can live farther from water. And when you look at toads, they have shorter back legs, which causes them to move in short hops, compared to long leaps that frogs take. For more information about toads and frogs, visit the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Thank you CU photographer Michele Ising Black for submitting your photo this week. Michele Ising Black’s My Gallery also has a photo of a bird stretched between two branches.

Keep submitting your photos every week to the CU photo-sharing site. Each week the Photo of the Week is taken from that week’s submissions. You have to submit every week for a chance to be the Photo of the Week!

There were so many great photos this week! It was exciting to see some new users as well. Keep up the great photography. 

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