Photo of the Week: Hungry Squirrel

Reader Contribution by Brenna Long
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When the weather gets nicer, I see these little four-legged creatures roaming everywhere as I walk across campus. They are usually scurrying across the grass or up a tree when I see them, not getting too close to me. This CU photographer had fun when they did come close though. This up-close picture of the squirrel is a fun shot. You can see the determined look in his eye. He wants food! He got the photographers attention, and in the end, got his tasty treat and so did the birds.

Want to learn more about these critters? Check out A Field Guide to the Tree Squirrels.

If getting squirrels away from your bird food is something you are more interested in, check out this DIY story about creating a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder.

Thank you CU photographer robinssong for submitting your photo this week. Check out robinssong’s Neighborhood Nature gallery to see more squirrel photos and some other spectacular nature images from Florida.

Way to go this week, CU photographers. I had a hard time picking a Photo of the Week. There were so many good ones, and so many new users. It is exciting to see all the new users. I look forward to more great photos next week. But, just incase you missed these galleries, these were some of my other favorite photos from CU photographers kimmybee, horsegal305 and Amber Moon Alpacas.

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