Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

| 4/5/2010 9:47:14 AM

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Don’t want to spend $40 for a squirrel-proof bird feeder? This homemade bird feeder will cost you less than $10 and take about an hour to put together.

Before you get started, you’ll need to buy or track down a section of 4-inch-diameter black plastic drain pipe and two end caps, plus enough quarter-inch metal “hardware cloth” to form a tube to line the inside of the pipe.

How to Build a Bird Feeder That’s Inexpensive and Squirrel-Proof

1. Use a hole saw to cut one or more openings near one end of the pipe. This is where the birds will access the food.


7/2/2017 2:12:42 PM

Don Pettay I found a dead squirrel that had been hit by a car, removed the tail and attached it to the top of the pole for my feeder...so far it has worked to deter other squirrels away. Prior to this I used a slinky, grease on the pole and hot pepper seeds, none of which worked, they still tore up my feeder to get to the seeds. Now I will try to come up with another way to feed the squirrels!!!!

Muhammd Hyatt
5/22/2012 11:46:19 AM

They have some good Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders http://www.birdfeedersnmore.com/squirrel-proof-bird-feeders.aspx

M Jones
12/1/2011 12:10:10 PM

I made this feeder and worked for the squirrels but no birds came. Ended up buying a Squirrel-Be-Gone which works great here is the link if anyone is interested http://www.birdfeedersnmore.com/squirrel-be-gone.aspx. Have a nice day. M

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