Photo of the Week: Flower Buzz

Reader Contribution by Brenna Long
article image

With spring comes flowers, and with flowers come bees. This close up shot of a bee makes me so excited to see all the flowers blooming and nature buzzing.

Bees have been a pretty hot topic around the office, too. Just yesterday, MOTHER EARTH NEWS started beekeeping. If this is a topic that interests you and you want to start your own bee hives, check out the Honeybees and Beekkeeping blog. You can learn from experts about everything from just starting your hives to colony collapse disorder.

Thank you CU photographer bigschep for submitting your photo this week. Right now, bigschep’s My Gallery only has one photo, but I hope there are more to come.

Please continue submitting photos! The number to choose from dropped this week. I missed seeing so many great photos! Keep submitting your photos every week to the CU photo-sharing site. Each week the Photo of the Week is taken from that week’s submissions. You have to submit every week for a chance to be the Photo of the Week!

Remember to fill out the captions and give your gallery a name all its own. The more we know about an image, the more we can take from it.

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