PBS Presents Special Earth Day Broadcastings

Reader Contribution by Pbs
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To celebrate Earth Day this year, PBS is kicking off with a week of special environment-themed programs for the entire week before the big day. Topics throughout the week will range from agriculture to meteorology to climate change, giving viewers a thorough overview of the history and issues of different environmental aspects.

To get the week started, PBS will be showing “What Lies Upstream”, a program investigating the chemical spill of West Virginia that left over 300,000 Americans without clean drinking water. Investigative filmmaker Cullen Hoback studies the effects of this event, and reveals that the entire structure many Americans believe is protecting their water is actually a broken system.

Of course, it would not be a week of celebrating the environment without an appearance from Bill Nye. A champion of the sciences behind climate change, Nye continues to promote environmental awareness and create a more scientifically literate world. During the PBS broadcasting week leading up to Earth Day, Bill Nye pairs up with Independent Lens and sheds his famous “Science Guy” costume and advocates for the science community and its findings, specifically addressing those who do not believe in climate change.

This environmental broadcasting event offers four full programs to highlight some of the more serious issues happening on our planet today. These programs examine the shifting changes in our environment from multiple angles, and teaches us why it is so important that we take action to prevent further damages.

An additional featured film during this week of broadcasting is NOVA’s “Decoding the Weather Machine”, which looks at the changing weather patterns of our planet, and what we can do to better understand and live with these changes. Also, another Independent Lens film, “Look and See: Wendell Berry’s Kentucky”, brings viewers to rural America to understand the changing landscapes of industrial agriculture.

This special broadcasting week will also include a daily PBS KIDS program, featuring new environmentally educational episodes from Splash and Bubbles, Nature Cat, and Wild Kratts. By including children in celebrating Earth Day, we can help them grow up knowing how their actions and choices effect their planet.

PBS is taking this opportunity to try and further educate Americans about the real implications climate changes bring to our planet, and how we can protect Earth from more damages in the future, before it is too late.

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