Hire Plants for a Better Home Office

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A potted cactus or flower can jazz-up your workspace.

I always thought that working from home sounded appealing?–?then I began to labor where I reside. After the novelty wore off, I realized that working at home requires discipline and independence.

Two key decisions that helped smooth the transition from office to home office were choosing the right work space, and creating an atmosphere that was conducive to efficiency and creativity. I found the ideal location to be one away from household thoroughfares with a buffer from distractions. A window was also important because the sunlight improved my mood, and therefore my productivity.

Equally important, I found the transition to a home office is also a social adjustment. Compared with a company office occupied by other human beings, a home office is like solitary confinement. After I added two cacti to my new office, I discovered that the plants helped to fill the void left by the absence of human interaction. It struck me that my office had been lifeless, so next I moved in my succulents, followed by orchids, bamboo and a tropical plant.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I decided to start tomato seeds in my office this year. Thanks to the life-giving energy the office plants surround me with, these days I crank out more work than ever. I no longer consider people who talk to their plants eccentrics, because I’ve outdone them: Now my plants are actually on my payroll.

Jim Brennan
Chalfont, Pennsylvania

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