MOTHER EARTH NEWS: October/November 2015

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Create Small Fruit Trees with This Pruning Method
This revolutionary pruning method will enable you to grow any type and variety of fruit in small spaces. Never settle for an apple you don’t adore or a peach you can’t reach.



DIY Natural Backyard Pond
Learn how to build a beautiful pond that stays clean and algae-free without the use of pumps, filters or chemicals.

10 Fascinating Facts About Edible Plants
Dig into the intriguing world of plant science to harvest knowledge that you can apply to cultivate a bountiful, successful garden.

The American Guinea Hog: A Petite Pig with Benefits
A perfect size for homesteaders, this amiable heritage breed is easy to manage and provides choice meat and lard. 

Joining Forces for More Sustainable Communities
Neighbors discover strength and security as they embrace a do-it-ourselves approach to more sustainable communities. Here, we feature seven of these resilient, cooperative Homestead Hamlets as models for other neighborhoods.

Grab ‘n’ Go: Homemade Convenience Foods
Need quick snacks and meals? Drop processed, store-bought fare, and opt instead for these healthful edibles.

Fully Loaded: Choose the Right Trailer for Your Homestead
From stock trailers to flatbeds, here’s the lowdown on your hauling options, plus tips on “towing” the line of safety.

Our Quest to Create a Sustainable Farm
By growing our own food and producing our own energy, we’re getting close to achieving a practical and productive farmstead with a positive impact on the planet. 


News from MOTHER
Let’s Convert CAFOS into SPOs

Dear MOTHER: October/November 2015
Reader letters about rotational grazing in city parks, DIY garden bench plans, solar ovens, safe chicken coops, Lyme disease, homesteading without money, and more.

Green Gazette
Bird Flu Outbreak Sweeps Across Factory Farms
Bucket Garden Cloches: New Mini-Greenhouses
The Bullitt Center: A Successful Solar Energy Project in Seattle
Top Trees That Attract Bees
Glyphosate Testing: You Can Now Measure Your Body’s Glyphosate Levels
The Heritage Radio Network Spotlights Sustainable Food Issues
A New Seed-Saving Book by Seed Savers Exchange

The Gardener’s Table
Growing and Cooking with Potatoes and Garlic
Skordalia Recipe
Egg and Potato ‘Toasts’ Recipe
Hearty and Sausage Potato Soup Recipe

The Pitchfork Pulpit
The Benefits of Smart Forest Management 

Country Lore
Protect Sheep with a Livestock Guardian Dog
Save Water at Home with This Face Washing Tip
DIY Bungee Cords from Old Bicycle Tubes
Homemade Apple Grinder Using a Garbage Disposal
Homemade Shelf for Canning Storage
Hole in One! A Creative Garden Tool Organizer
How to Keep Cheese from Molding
Homemade Dish Scrubber from Mesh Onion Bags
How to Keep Chickens from Eating Their Eggs
Make a Landscaping and Yard Map for Future Owners
Best Tool for Cleaning a Chicken Coop
Get Organized with a Hanging Shoe Rack
Benefits of Cloth Diapers
Using Leftover Wallpaper 

Ask Our Experts
Improve Your Soil with Winter Rye
Pick the Perfect Log Splitter
You Can Pickle That: Basic Refrigerator Pickles
Is Teflon Cookware Safe
When to Vent Cold Frames