MOTHER EARTH NEWS: October/November 2009

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MOTHER EARTH NEWS: October/November 2009

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Top Story

DIY, Low-cost and Multipurpose Greenhouses
You can enjoy fresh food all year long! Let this collection of ideas inspire you to design and build your own greenhouse from recycled or inexpensive materials.


Homesteading Lessons Learned: If I Could Do It All Again
Veteran homesteader Steve Maxwell offers advice on everything from building your own home to starting a food garden.

11 Great Places You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of
Our fourth annual search for cities that have raised the bar led us to inspiring communities across the country.

Keeping Bees Using the Top-bar Beekeeping Method
Pollinate your crops and get fresh, tasty honey with this natural method of raising bees that’s better for the bees and easier for the beekeeper.

Is Wood Heating Right for You?
What you need to know if you’re considering wood heating options for your home.

Use Low Tunnels to Grow Veggies in Winter: Quick Hoops
Double your garden’s productivity with these simple, inexpensive low tunnels. In addition to overwintering plants, these tunnel greenhouses can be used to start plants in spring and to extend the fall harvest.

Versatile and Affordable ATVs
These nimble machines are almost as versatile as small tractors, and they can travel where pickups dare not tread.

Our DIY Car: The Quest for 100 MPG
The journey toward 100 mpg continues as MAX, our DIY car, gets ready for a new, more aerodynamic body. You’ll soon be able to build this spiffy, super-efficient car for $10,000!


News from MOTHER
Abuzz Over Top-bar Beekeeping

Reader letters on raising chickens for meat, Joel Salatin’s “beyond organic,” homemade butter, eco-friendly outdoor wood boilers, and more

Green Gazette
Colony Collapse: Are Potent Pesticides Killing Honeybees?
Saving Billions with a New Energy Economy
Green Buildings: Affordable, Eco-friendly Modular Homes
More Than Meets the Eye: New Utility Vehicle Is Transformable
Take Tech News with a Grain of Salt
Not-so-new Energy Source Makes Waves
Coming Soon: Series on National Parks
Ship for Less, the Earth-friendly Way
City Farmer Wins NRDC Award

Crop at a Glance
Growing Garlic
Full of flavor and infused with rich folklore, garlic is an intriguing crop that can be grown easily in a variety of climates. Learn how to plant, grow and harvest garlic, plus get pest prevention tips and discover great garlic types to try.

Eat in Season
Bake with Applesauce: Cakes, Muffins and More
Make your own applesauce and use it to replace butter in your baked goods for healthier treats, plus try these recipes for mouthwatering apple cornmeal cake, cinnamon raisin bars, tropical muffins and more.

Garden Know-how
Improve Your Soil with Cover Crops
Take advantage of this traditional technique to solar-charge your soil.

Country Lore
Savoring Bean Gleaning Season
Add Color and Light to Cordwood Construction Walls
Homemade Jelly … From a Can?
Winter Carrot Harvest
Great Green Plant Gift Baskets
Gleaning the Local Harvest
Goofy Goat Horn Guard That Works
Pallet Woodshed
Dutch Oven Beer Bread Recipe
Super-simple Woodstove Hearths
Perfect Squash Pie

Green Home Improvement
Energy-efficient On-demand Water Heaters
Why pay to keep water hot when you’re not using it? Find out how on-demand water heaters work, and whether this energy-saving option is right for you.

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