News from Mother: We Inspire You, You Inspire Us

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 Image by congerdesign from Pixabay 

These are especially exciting times here at Mother Earth News. As we meet new readers and get more and more mail from existing friends, we’re constantly reminded of the magazine’s impact. After 37 years, Mother still inspires people to make a difference, both in their lives and the world around them. In short, we inspire you and you inspire us.

We’re especially excited about the results from our latest tests of nutrient levels in real free-range eggs. While the numbers are astounding, the idea just makes sense: Eggs from chickens raised on pasture and allowed to do what’s natural — forage freely — are vastly more nutritious than typical commercial eggs from hens raised in cages on factory farms. (click here for the full report.)

We’re also excited about recent enhancements to our Web sites. If you don’t already get our free Mother Earth Living e-newsletter, check it out — it’s better than ever. Through it, you can get ideas and inspiration for wiser living every week: recipes using fresh food; terrific DIY projects; expert advice for organic gardening; easy ways to tap renewable energy; natural health remedies; green remodeling ideas; and suggestions to improve your 21st century homestead, whether it’s country acreage or an urban apartment. These tips are easy to share with friends, and it’s simple to post your own ideas and experiences using the comments function.

Blogs are another great feature of Mother Earth Living. If you aren’t familiar with blogs, they are a relatively new form of online communication (blog is short for Web log) and can be as varied as the millions of people who write them. In our case, the Mother Earth News editors frequently blog about all of Mother’s topic areas. The blogs list great resources, report on breaking news, and convey the editors’ thoughts, opinions and current projects. You’ll find more practical ideas for wiser living, and can interact with us directly by posting comments and questions. To check out the blogs and sign up for the e-newsletter, click here.

Are you proud of your lush garden, your backyard chicken setup, your hybrid or electric car, your DIY solar heater, your handmade home or simply the incredible view from your back 40? Then show it off to friends, family and the world! Whether you’re a pro or beginner with a digital camera, you can easily publish photos on CU (“see you”), our new photo-sharing Web site. It’s free to upload photos, plus you can see fun and inspiring shots from other readers and enter contests.

By now you’ve probably noticed a theme: sharing your stories and interacting with us and other readers. Whether it’s writing to Mother; posting comments online to articles, tips and blogs; sharing your photos; voting for covers and articles in surveys; or helping us write the magazine (see our “Country Lore” and “Firsthand Report” departments), there’s never been a better time to be a part of the Mother Earth News community. So, thank you Mother readers, for your creativity and passion for wiser living. Keep it coming.