6 Nature TV Series You Need to Watch

Reader Contribution by Kayla Matthews

If you love everything about the great outdoors, chances are you spend most of your time in nature and as little as possible in front of a TV screen. However, on the occasional rainy day or sick day, that black screen in your living room may be your only source of entertainment.

If you’re tired of sitcoms, reality shows and sports commentary but are searching for something that aligns with your nature-loving interests, you’re in luck.

Recently, TV shows that focus on green living and the environment have become increasingly popular, giving viewers plenty of options. Not sure what to watch? Here are six DVR-worthy nature series you need to see.

1. “Survivorman” – Science Channel

This series has been on the air for quite some time, however, it never gets old. This show documents the tactics and techniques of Les Stroud, as he survives alone in the wilderness for a week. You’ll no doubt be amazed – if not inspired – to see this survivalist successfully rough it as he enters into the wild with only his camera and forages for food, shelter and water.

2. “Renovation Nation” – Planet Green

This TV show on Planet Green is all about eco-friendly home-improvement ideas. This show documents the process of environmentally conscious renovations from start to finish, giving viewers an inside look into how to renovate their own homes. “Renovation Nation” is hosted by Steve Thomas, who once hosted the show “This Old House,” giving viewers a familiar face as well as helpful home-improvement tips.

3. “Frozen Planet” – BBC and Discovery Channel

This show that was created by the same team behind the programs “Planet Earth” and “Blue Planet” gives viewers an up-close and personal look into life in the arctic. Frozen Planet features stunning footage of wildlife whose habitat is in arctic climates, including polar bears, killer whales and arctic wolves. As your outdoor adventures most likely won’t lead you to the frozen tundra and the animals that live there, getting to learn about these creatures and this habitat from the couch in your warm living room is an enjoyable and safe alternative.

4. “Carbon Cops” – Sundance Channel

If you’re into going green, wasting less and reducing your household’s carbon footprint, “Carbon Cops” can help you do just that. The hosts of this show evaluate the energy consumption and lifestyle of average families and give them tips on how to implement more environmentally friendly habits into their homes and daily lives.

5. “Nature” – PBS

This documentary-style show on PBS lets viewers get a glimpse into parts of the natural world that they wouldn’t otherwise get to see. From rare wild animals – including snow leopards and snow monkeys – to exotic locales, this show brings even the most isolated or undiscovered parts of nature into your living room. As the footage for Nature is collected by expert wildlife filmmakers, there’s no doubt that you’ll be impressed by what you see.

6. “Eco-trip: The Real Cost of Living” – Sundance Channel

If you were a fan of the discovery channel show “How it’s Made,” you will no doubt enjoy “Eco-trip: The Real Cost of Living,” which could be considered its environmentally conscious twin. From T-shirts to solar panels, host David de Rothschild visits factories to discover how manufacturing of these products impacts our environment. This informative series helps to shed light on not only the manufacturing, but also the transportation process of products and the environmental impact it has.

While nothing beats discovering the great outdoors for yourself, when there’s no other choice, your TV set can be a viable second option. TV shows like “Nature” and “Frozen Planet” can quench your thirst for the natural world and show you a wild side of the outdoors you wouldn’t usually see. Also, if your interests lie with sustainable living and protecting our earth, shows like “Carbon Cops” or “Renovation Nation” can give you ideas and inspiration.

So whether you’re stuck indoors or are just in the mood for a little TV time, these shows will make your day.

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