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Reader Contribution by Toby Grotz
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Let’s Make the World a Better Place and Save the Human Race

The iconic, politician busting journalist from Texas, Molly Ivans always said fight the system but don’t forget to rock out (I’m paraphrasing). Read up on a champion of reason and sanity in a crazy world here.

In the Spirit of Molly, I would like to introduce Mother Earth Listeners to music, which could become anthems for our struggle to save the planet and avert the disasters of climate change.

We recently attended a concert for Climate Change at the Uptown Arts Bar in Kansas City organized by Craig Wolfe and Randy Deutch of the band Soular.   The concert premiered a song by Winston Apple that brought tears to some eyes in the audience.

The song:

Lets Make the World a Better Place and Save the Human Race is not only inspirational and factual but raises the question; Are we past the point of no return?

There is no way to know for sure, 

If we’re past the point of no return

But with every day that passes,

With us continuing to burn

All of the coal and all of he oil,

That we can dig out of the ground

Out chances of survival are going down and down.

Watch the full video below.



Soular puts the Soul in Solar Energy. Craig and Randy are committed to bringing home the message through the medium of music that we must act now to preserve our future.

They ask:

What can possibly be worse than Pearl Harbor?

And why the hell does the answer lie with me?

You see the science and the storms gave us their warning.

How can we sit back and watch the rising sea?

How can we leave this terror to our children?

Can we be silent and claim we did not see?


See the hourglass.  No time to lose


Do I have to ask?  Are you going to choose?

Watch the full video here:

We live on a planet where the connection between soul and solar has been severed. Once upon a time, not long ago, our tribal ancestors recognized the the connection between Mother Earth and Father Sun. In Peru, at Machi Pichu there is a place where the sun was tied to the Earth. It is called Intihuatana. Go there or see it below. If you go, be sure to have some Into Soup. It feeds both the body and the soul.

You can support the effort to save the human race by getting involved now and if you are involved remember Molly’s advice.

Sing, dance, play.

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