Missing Pics From FAIR

Reader Contribution by Mare Cromwell
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 I fear a tectonic shift will be evident on all of these uploaded photos. The Earth obviously shifted from the occurrences of the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR this past weekend in Seven Springs, Pa.

Anyhow, this is my friend, Jami showing off her pink wristband, since she is a girl and was there for two days to boot. I did not take a photo of my friend, Scott, who is a boy wearing a pink band for two days. (He toughed that out.) Need I say that wearing a plastic type band for two days for my OCD types of friends who shower everyday was a bit of a challenge but they survived.

Hmm, just tried to upload another photo. It was the wind turbine megaphone that doubled as a generator of energy from the wind and megaphone for the entire event (just kidding, but that would have been cool, plus an example of permaculture stacking principles). And if you turned it sideways, which this blog system was probably going to do, it looked like a cool flower that was on steroids. But alas, my Mac system and the blogging system are not overly compatible (John from MOTHER EARTH NEWS confirmed this yesterday when I went into the media room at the FAIR to try to get it problem-solved. Sigh).

But I just realized something. If you type the acronym for the magazine — MOTHER EARTH NEWS — it becomes ‘MEN.’ How very odd. I mean we refer to the planet as ‘she.’ It seems to be a feminine planet. And yet magazine is purportedly News from Mother Earth. Which it certainly does seem to be.

So we have a feminine magazine name. A feminine planet. And then there is ‘MEN.’ Hmm. Could this be a subtle, subtle call for us to learn that we need to balance the masculine and feminine these days, and not be so beholden to the masculine systems that are a wee bit patriarchal and love machines and have forgotten how to love the Earth?

Sorry, can’t help it, still ruminating on some of the ramblings from that earlier blog on cloning and machines.

Now to find a Rumination Workshop for more advanced learnings on that. I’m outta here.

Photo by Mare Cromwell