Living in a Motorhome Year-Round

Learn how a family of three enjoy living in a motorhome year-round.

Living in a Motorhome Year-Round

My wife, two-year-old child and I presently enjoy motorhome living in a 22-foot, chassis mounted, channeled-through motorhome on a one-ton Ford truck. We’ve been in this rig for the last eight months. Before that we lived in a 21-foot RV trailer for a year.

I am able to earn an above-average living in the Chicago area in the summer by plying my trade of paperhanging. I have been able to find steady work for the winter in Miami, Florida. Being able to make contacts in this field as an independent contractor, I could — if others were interested — provide a means to earn a living for a caravan. I know the market in this trade and feel that if three to five men were to form a contracting-decorating service to work in the larger urban areas it would take — at most — two months to fill the next egg for the families involved. I am not well versed in forage living but, if I were more knowledgeable in that field, I am sure that less “outside” income would be needed for motorhome living.

We have traveled the country, the middle west, southwest, south and east coast and — to our amazement — we’ve only been forced to move on twice in two years. This is most surprising, for we wear our hair longer and I have a beard. I am sure, due to the ever-growing alertness of our nation’s paranoids, that this sort of luck can’t last for long.

We are neither far left nor right. We won’t be a part of anything where guns do the talking, and today they talk from both sides. The thing for us to do, I guess, is stay out of the way — if that’s possible — and let the guns take care of each other.

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