Gene Logsdon Offers Thoughts on Living Forever in ‘Gene Everlasting’

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Cover courtesy Chelsea Green Publishing

Farmer-philosopher Gene Logsdon returns with his newest book, Gene Everlasting: A Contrary Farmer’s Thoughts on Living Forever, and we are the richer for it. You may know his work by one of his more than two dozen books, which range from practical (Small-Scale Grain Raising ) to deeply thoughtful (Living at Nature’s Pace). From his farm near Upper Sandusky, Ohio, Logsdon has honed his keen observations of the natural world.

In Gene Everlasting, he wrestles with mortality — and the dubious ambition of trying to live forever. Here, he muses about how parents could discuss death with their children: “What if we, as loving parents and conscientious teachers, told children that, yes, someday, the people you love are going to die but they will always live in your memory safe from both the strife and suffering of life and the inscrutable agony of spiritual immortality.” Much more wise insight from Logsdon lies between the covers of this small but poignant book.

You can purchase Gene Everlasting from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store. To learn even more about Logsdon’s philosophy, read a recent interview with him: Author Gene Logsdon Shares His Thoughts on Immortality, Bird-Watching and the Tao of Nature.

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