“Nature Documentary Series ‘Life' Coming to Animal Planet”

Reader Contribution by Adam Lafferty

Since June 6, Animal Planet has been re-airing Life, a ten-part nature documentary series co-produced by the Discovery Channel and the BBC, Sunday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific.

Life, which debuted on the Discovery Channel in March, uses state-of-the-art filming methods to capture strange and unique animal behaviors, many of which were never before seen on television. Episode one, “Challenges of Life”, showed how certain animals and plants have developed new ways to survive as individuals and as a species. In Kenya, three cheetahs have come up with a new hunting strategy — instead of tackling smaller prey individually, they can take down big game such as ostriches by working as a team. Dolphins in Florida catch fish by slapping their tails against the silt of the ocean floor while swimming in a circle, creating a ring of mud clouds to entrap their prey. Other episodes show a team of Komodo dragons on a buffalo hunt, a school of flying fish laying eggs on ocean flotsam shot with super-high-speed cameras, and the use of a new filming technique known as the “yogi cam”, which smoothly tracks migrating reindeer and elephants.

See an episode guide and schedule, as well as videos and photos, at the Discovery Channel website.