Kids Go Green

Reader Contribution by Peyton Baldwin

The opportunity for kids to have their voices heard about environmental issues is here. By Kids for Kids (BKFK), Warner Independent Pictures with Leonardo DiCaprio and The Weather Channel have teamed up to create the ‘ Going Green Challenge.’

The contest allows youth ages 19 and under to share their ideas or plans to make the Earth a better place. Students can invent new ways to improve air quality, alternative energy, forest reclamation, irrigation, land preservation, recycling systems, water purity and more. The ideas must indentify a problem and provide a complete, marketable solution.

The winner receives $10,000 and a ‘Connection to Reality.’ The connection includes a trip to shadow one of the experts from ‘The 11th Hour ‘ and the chance to blog on the movie’s Web site.

The 11th Hour demonstrates how the way we live affects the Earth and what we can do about it. The site includes blogs posts and action items by members. Anyone can post what they plan to do to reduce their carbon footprint or discuss current issues relating to the environment.

The BKFK site already has over 1,700 ideas; youth have until December 31 to enter the contest.