Ep. 57 Bottle Feeding Livestock

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Feeding calf with bottle of milk

In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends podcast, Callene Rapp meets with Charlotte French to discuss bottle feeding livestock to include, calves, lambs, and kids.

Callene Rapp graduated with a degree in animal science. After a short stint at a concentrated animal feeding operation, she and her husband, Eric, moved to the Wichita area, where she became the senior keeper of the Children’s Farms at the Sedgwick County Zoo. Today, the Children’s Farms houses one of the largest collection of rare breeds of livestock of any zoo in the country, and features 28 breeds from the Conservation Priority List. When she’s not at the zoo, Callene and Eric own and operate the Rare Hare Barn, a successful heritage rabbit meat enterprise, and their rabbits have been served at some of the finest restaurants coast to coast (but especially in the Kansas City area). She has also published several articles on livestock husbandry in Grit magazine.

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Carla Tilghman and Jessica Mitchell
Charlotte French

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