Keynote Kevin Danaher Preaches Golden Rule

Reader Contribution by David Schimke

The 2010 MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR kicked off Saturday morning with an inspirational keynote address from Green Festival Founder Kevin Danaher, who also co-founded Global Exchange in 1988, an educational resource center working to inspire action around issues central to the rights of workers and the health of the planet.

Not only was his presentation, Green Jobs are the Future, rich with encouraging data regarding the environmental promise and economic potential of green-collar jobs, its central philosophical premise tied in beautifully with the spirit behind the Fair. We must “get the green of money and the green of the environment to coincide,” Danaher said. “To save the Eco-System, we must transcend the Ego-System. There is no ‘them,’ just us.”

To arrive at this new level of consciousness, Danaher encouraged the crowd to leave partisan politics at the door and reacquaint themselves with the Golden Rule, which necessitates a kinder, gentler, and more productive level of interaction. He also stressed that teaching our children by this example will prove invaluable, since, the “youth of today will be running the world when the environmental ka-ka hits the fan.”