K????ng R??c??n? Aw?? from Your Property

Reader Contribution by Elizabeth Gatto and Getridofpests.Com


If you have a family of r?????n? ?n ??ur ??rd or they have gotten ?nt? ??ur attic ?r under ??ur h?m?, th?r? are ??m? m?th?d? t? drive ?ff th??? b?nd?t?. R?????n? m?? ?????r cute ?r ?v?n friendly. Indeed, th?? ??n b? qu?t? b?ld ?r?und hum?n? and ??t?. H?w?v?r, they ?r? w?ld ?n?m?l? and w?ll b?h?v? l?k? w?ld animals. Th?y h?v? ?h?r? t??th, ?tr?ng claws, ?r? known t? ??rr? r?b??? ?nd ??r???t??. N?v?r tr? t? ??t?h a r?????n b? hand. C?rn?r?ng a r????n, ?r any ?n?m?l, m?? l??v? th? ?n?m?l w?th n? choice but to ?tt??k you. Th?? article d???r?b?? n?n-??nfr?nt?t??n?l, n?n-l?th?l m?th?d? to get rid of pests humanely and how to k??? raccoons ?w?? fr?m ??ur h?m?. Raccoons deserve the opportunity to live and there is no reason to poison or harm the animal even if they are a nuisance on your property. 

Raccoons are ?ur?r???ngl? clever, brave and b?ld. They w?ll challenge pets, ?nt?r bu?ld?ng?, ???n ??nt??n?r?, t?? th?ng? ?v?r and push l?rg? objects ?r?und. Th?? ?r? n?t ????l? ?nt?m?d?t?d. Wh?l? th?? will ?v??d humans m??t ?f the time, ??m?t?m?? ??u h?v? t? ??t ?ggr????v?l? b?f?r? th?? will b? chased ?ff. We d? n?t recommend challenging r?????n?, even though they appear so cute!  Y?u ??n n?v?r b? ??rt??n of h?w th?? w?ll r???t ?nd a r?b??? infected r?????n m?? ??tu?ll? attack ??u.

R?????n? ?r? ??t?v? in twilight ?nd ?v?n?ng. Th?? prefer relative d?rkn???. In?t?ll?ng m?t??n ??t?v?t?d l?ght?ng m?? b? h?l?ful ?n d????ur?g?ng r?????n?. H?w?v?r, simple ??r?h l?ght? may n?t b? ?dequ?t?. Y?u m?ght n??d t? g? to ?xtr?m? m???ur?? in terms ?f l?ght?ng. Br?ght flood lights, l?k? th? quartz h?l?g?n f?xtur?? u??d f?r dr?v?w?? ?llum?n?t??n and security purposes may b? n??????r?. Plu?, ?n? l?ght, ?t a distance m?? n?t h?v? the desired ?ff??t. Tr? multiple l?ght?, ??th?r ?n the same ??r?u?t or independently tr?gg?r?d, to ??tur?t? th? ?r??.

Raccoons d?n’t l?k? b??ng ?r?und hum?n?, so ?l???ng a w?t?r?r??f r?d?? near tr??h ??n? m?? be h?l?ful. S?t the radio t? a “t?lk” ?t?t??n. It d???n’t h?v? t? b? l?ud. Th? voices w?ll d????ur?g? r?????n? fr?m th? ?r??.

Bu? m?t?l tr??h ??n? w?th ???l?ng l?d?. Y?u can ?m?r?v? th? t?ghtn??? ?f th? ???l with a length of plastic tubing. Sl??? a cut ?l?ng th? l?ngth ?f th? tube ?nd slip ?t over th? r?m ?f the tr??h ??n. Wh?n ??u ?ut the lid ?n ?l???, th? tubing ??m?r????? t? form a tighter ???l. Also, ?l??? a heavy object, ?u?h as a ??nd?r block, on t?? ?f tr??h ??n l?d?. 

R?????n? l?k? their f??d ?l??n ?nd w?ll sometimes w??h it ?n ?v??l?bl? w?t?r. They ?l?? find th? ?m?ll of ammonia ?bj??t??n?bl?. B? adding a ?m?ll splash ?f ?mm?n?? t? your g?rb?g?, the r?????n? will b? l??? likely t? ???v?ng? ??ur trash.

Y?ur ??t? n??d w?t?r ?v??l?bl? ?t ?ll t?m??, but as much ?? possible, eliminate ??ur??? ?f w?t?r for r?????n?. If ?????bl?, l??k ??ur ??t?’ food ???ur?l? ?w?? ?t n?ght, w?th their w?t?r. D?n’t l??v? w?t?r ?ut th?t th? r?????n? ??n get t?. Al??, don’t leave pet f??d ?ut ?t n?ght, r?????n? l?v? th? ?tuff.

Elizabeth Gattois a lover of wildlife and promoter of wildlife conservation. She promotes humane nuisance wildlife removal so people know it is possible to respect nature as well as maintain safety in your home. Find her online.

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