Mother Earth News: June/July 2008

By Staff
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How to Make Easy No-dig Garden Beds
Ready, set, plant! Start a new garden anywhere in your yard using these quick and inexpensive techniques.


Live Long and Prosper
From minutes to centuries, the varied life spans of Earth’s plants and animals are inextricably entwined.

Community Supported Wind Power
Learn how you can partner with your neighbors and create clean, locally controlled wind power in your community.

Homegrown Medicine
Explore the many benefits of growing medicinal herbs.

Reclaiming the Kitchen
One family explores cheese making in their quest to reconnect with the joys of cooking together.

Grow Free Fruit Trees
You can save big bucks by growing peaches, apricots and nectarines from seeds.

Worms! Soil-building Workhorses
Use the free services of resident earthworms to make one of nature’s most potent fertilizers.

6 Top Herbal Tonics
These “adaptogens” are proven remedies for modern-day stress.


News from MotherDespair? Determination? Delight? — Let’s Discuss

Dear Mother
Lovin’ the new Web site; Cozy, 100% recycled cabin; Kudos from a pro; Terrific (and timely) tomatoes

Country Lore
My Favorite Gardening Tools
Sold on Square-foot Gardening
Defeat Cabbage Moths
Nab Tomato Worms at Night
Make Zucchini Chips
DIY Magnetic, Swiveling Work Light
Reusing Tea and Coffee for Compost
Vinegar, the Universal Cleaner
Woven Willow Fence — Wow!
Japanese Beetles Make Great Fish Food
Traveler’s Tool Kit

Green GazetteWatermelons for the World!
Rechargeable Power Tools: No Strings (or Power Cords) Attached
Protecting Milk from Monsanto
Here Comes the Sun
Hey, You’re Standing on my Foot!
Buy a Book to Promote Literacy
What the Heck does ‘Fair Trade’ Mean?
Great Green Building Buys

Crop at a GlanceAll About Growing Sweet Corn
Learn how to grow several varieties of corn, including Open-pollilnated, sugary-enhanced and Super-sweet varieties.

Eat in Season
Easy Cheesy, 4 Super-simple Recipes
Learn how to make four different kinds of cheeses from the “Cheese Queen” herself, Ricki Carroll. With these easy-to-follow recipes, you’ll never buy store-bought cheese again!

Kitchen Garden
Meet the Martynia
Learn how to grow and prepare Martynias in your own garden.

Firsthand ReportBrewin’ Our Own Biofuels
A small community farm explores options for growing crops to produce vegetable oil for fuel.

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