Photo Club: Harvest Photos

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The first carrots from Angela Clapp's first garden on Sage Road Herb Farm in Warsaw, New York.
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This rhubarb plant has flowered for only the second time in 17 years. The owners let it go to to see what it would look like against the snowcapped Mission Mountains.
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This hen is surveying a pumpkin crop at an Amish farm in Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania.
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"Harvest Dolls" in Estacada, Oregon.
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Allyson and Adam Thompson, 15 months and 3 1/2 years respectively, play peek-a-boo in a bed of creeping phlox in Logan, Iowa.

We asked you to show us what you’ve been growing summer. Suffice it to say, your thumbs all must be an unbelievably bright shiny green. Picking our favorite harvest photos inspired several spirited debates. This month’s submissions include:

  • A crop of bright orange pumpkins and a bright orange chicken surveying them, from Michael F. King of Vineland, NJ.
  • Two young girls playing with “harvest dolls” (vegetables swaddled as babies), from Virginia Swartzendruber of Estacada, OR.
  • Toddlers playing peek-a-boo in a bed of creeping phlox, from Linda McHugh in Logan, IA.
  • A flowering rhubarb plant, from Phonacelle Shapel in St. Ignatius, MT.
  • A big handful of carrots, from Angela Clapp in Warsaw, NY.