Photo of the Week: Dog Days of Summer

Reader Contribution by Emylisa Warrick
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Nothing brings more happiness than a playful pup for a companion. This week’s photo of the week is entitled “Good Boy” by CU photographer AmoreMe_AmoreTerra. The history of the Golden Retriever starts in the Scottish Highlands where it was bred in the 1800s and was mostly used as a hunting dog. The Golden Retriever has become a beloved pet in household situations as well as a helpful guide dog, search and rescue, and assistance dog. Its beautiful golden-colored coat is its trademark which can range from light to dark gold. They require daily exercise due to their active and energetic nature. They are friendly, lovable pets and companions for life.

Thanks to CU photographer AmoreMe_AmoreTerra for the happy shot of her Golden Retriever. See her gallery Zeb the Gold for more adorable photos of Zeb.

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