Filming Mother Earth’s Thirst: ‘Behind the Water’ Takes Viewers on a Search for Clean Water

Reader Contribution by Terry Windall


When a mother goose calls her offspring, they can make a choice to follow — it also seems to be the same when Mother calls on filmmakers. A new film called Behind the Water is an engaging story of the men and women searching to find clean water. The film takes viewers on a wild ride through some of the world’s most rural and restricted areas, many captured on film for the first time. Behind the Water is slated to be released in 2015.


Doug Clevenger of National Geographic directs this film, while Fraser Kershaw accompanies viewers on the journey as host. Brent Kutzle from Grammy-award-winning One Republic will score the film. We asked Kershaw why he decided o host this film. He said, “Wherever there is a shadow, it is because there is light. I wanted to shed light into the pitch dark and this is where we went, to bring some folks clean water.”


We asked Kutzle what his goal was with the film. He said, “My goal is to accent this amazing story that’s being told here, in some way help be the glue to connect the story to the heart.” We look forward to seeing Kutzle and Kershaw bring the pieces together for not only Mother Earth but also her offspring. Likewise, we look forward to seeing Clevenger deliver a one-of-a-kind film so mothers around the world can rejoice.


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