Building a New Environmental Perspective

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Photo by Fotolia/wellphoto
A simple act such as starting a vegetable garden can help you gain a whole new environmental perspective.

My wife and I have been on a journey the past few years that started with a simple vegetable garden. We now compost everything we can, and we even built our own compost tumbler out of scrap materials. We also make our own natural cleaning products, deodorants, salves and tinctures, as well as flea sprays for our pets. The thing we are most proud of, however, is our new environmental perspective.

Since gaining this viewpoint, every decision we make is with a sense of responsibility toward the life around us. We have an awareness of where our resources come from, what it took for them to get here, and what we will leave (or not leave) as waste. We now have the mindfulness to see that “the environment” is just another way of saying “our home.”

I’m proud of our new outlook, because, more than any one choice we make — more than toting reusable shopping bags or driving a Prius to lower our carbon footprint — this environmental perspective will continue to influence every action we take for the rest of our lives.

Aaron Miller
Olympia, Washington

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