Eco-Friendly Living is No Joke

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MOTHER proves eco-friendly living is no joke and that methane gas can power a homestead.

MOTHER makes a case against “the establishment”, proving that eco-friendly living is no joke.

Eco-Friendly Living Works

They (the “establishment” press and the energy industry) laughed back in late 1969 when the original advertisements for this magazine (before MOTHER NO. 1 had even been published) promised that the periodical would cover solar, wind, water, and other forms of “alternative” energy.

They laughed again and again and again over the next couple of years when MOTHER devoted a steadily increasing amount of space to those same subjects. And they all reserved their biggest heehaws for our methane experiments. “What?” they’d gasp. “You’re going to take cow manure and turn it into natural gas? And then you’re actually going to try to burn that homemade fuel and use it?” And then they’d all collapse into fits of the wheezing giggles.

But we continued working with people like L. John Fry (who’d once run all the machinery, lights, etc., on a very large South African pig farm almost entirely on methane he’d made from the farm’s hog manure) . . . and Ram Bux Singh (who’s only been responsible for thousands of methane production units in India over the past 25 or 30 years).

And they didn’t laugh quite so much when — just a few days before the Arab oil embargo was slapped on in late 1973 — we held a press conference in Indiana . . . and showed the world that a homestead-sized methane maker could, indeed, take cow manure and turn it into a fuel which would run gas stoves, refrigerators, space heaters, and lights . . . even an automobile engine!

And now. Well, now, they ain’t laughing at all. Maybe because they’re all too busy just tryin’ to catch up to where MOTHER was a good five to six years ago!

Well, it’s nice that the “big guys” are now lagging behind MOTHER by only about five or six years. That’s certainly an improvement over the 50- to 100-year gap we had between us just half a decade back.

But, come on you guys who make the “Important” decisions in big government, big business, and big labor . . . pay a little closer attention, will ya? Let MOTHER bring you up to date: Solar energy is where it’s REALLY
at these days. MOTHER has already been through wind power and water power and wood power and farmer’s alcohol and producer gas and a lot of other “alternative” forms of energy. And — hands down — the fastest, easiest, lowest-initial-investment, BEST way to get large numbers of people off fossil fuels and out of the nuclear nightmare right now is by tapping directly into the (for all practical purposes) boundless energy that rains down daily from the sun.

And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to harness the sun, either . . . the way all you guys still pretend. Just take a look at any one of a dozen articles on the subject in this and the last three or four issues of MOTHER.

(Let’s see now. If those guys in government, industry, and labor REALLY pay attention and REALLY do read this issue carefully, especially pages 94 — 97 . . . we’ll be seeing Wall Street Journal ads from large corporations just starting to recycle old refrigerators into solar collectors along about 1983!)