Earth Gauge Tip of the Week: Water for Wildlife

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Local wildlife – such as birds and small mammals – need a supply of clean water to survive periods of extreme heat and drought.  Small animals often seen in our backyards typically don’t have large ranges, meaning that fresh water close-by is extremely important for survival.

Viewer Tip:  You can lend a hand to wildlife in your own backyard with these simple tips.

  •  Keep bird baths full of clean water.  Don’t have a bird bath?  Adding one to your yard is relatively inexpensive and provides great bird watching opportunities.
  • Create a “drip jug” to hang over your bird bath.  Fill a plastic milk jug with water and poke a tiny hole in the bottom.  The dripping sound of the water will attract birds to the bath.
  • Put a few water-filled containers of different depths on the ground to help out ground squirrels and other small mammals.
  • Remember to change water frequently to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your yard.

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(Source: National Wildlife Federation. “Simple Tips for Helping Wildlife During Heat and Drought.”

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