Developing a Consensus on Human Induced Climate Change

Reader Contribution by Richard Hilderman and Ph.D.
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Image by Angie Agostino from Pixabay

The climate on our planet is changing! Over the past several years we have experienced an increase in the number of heat waves, floods, droughts, wildfires and other extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Is this climate change human induced (anthropogenic)? At a recent Climate Reality Leadership Corp Conference we learned that various organizations, leading scientists along with government leaders are stating that climate change is anthropogenic and that it has become a serious problem. In this posting I share with you some of their comments.

1. Ninety seven percent of the climate researchers most actively publishing in the field support the tenets of anthropogenic climate change outlined in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). I will use an analogy to emphasize the importance of this statement. Let’s pretend that you are experiencing severe chest pain and you are fortunate to have 100 of the top cardiologists to examine you. Ninety seven of them say you have a serious problem and must go on medication, exercise and change your diet. The three other cardiologists tell you it is nothing to worry about and the pain will go away. Whose advice are you going follow?

2. Every National Academy of Science of every major country in the world (34 academies including the United States) confirms anthropogenic global warming. The number of national academies rejecting the science of anthropogenic global warming is ZERO! Furthermore, a joint statement of the National Academies of Science for the G8 + 5 nations stated in 2009 “The need for urgent action to address climate change is now indisputable.”

3. Ever major scientific society in the world that has fields related to the study of global warming confirms the consensus that climate change is occurring.

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