Reader Contribution by Staff

My ride on the shuttle to the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR last night provided a clear forecast of what was ahead for the weekend in addition to splendid fall weather at the Seven Springs resort (very nice!) in the mountains of western Pennsylvania. Joining me in the van were nine keynote speakers and workshop presenters.

Wanda Urbanska, the host of the Simple Living TV show, was chatting with Kathy Harrison, home food preservation expert, while I split my time learning more from Perry Jones about Heifer International’s work helping U.S. farmers, and getting a quick update from Jack McCornack about MAX, the DIY and almost 100-mpg car, and why it unfortunately will not be at the FAIR.

Also riding with us was Richard Schrader of the Natural Resources Defense Council and Carol Ekarius, an expert in livestock and homesteading. Up front was Kevin Danaher of Global Exchange — he’s giving a workshop about Green Careers.

Kathy Harrisson was so excited she could hardly sit still. She told us how finding MOTHER EARTH NEWS in the 1970s had inspired her and her husband to choose a Mother Earth lifestyle, and how much that choice had worked out well for them. It’s a story those of us who have the privilege to produce the magazine come across often at events like the FAIR, but we never get tired of hearing it. Those stories are why we do what we do.