Them That’s Doin’: Bobcat’s Product Launch

In this edition, editors are testing new Doosan Bobcat products, giving lambs a helping hand, and writing in a lovely observational journal.

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by Ryan Crowell

Bobcat’s Product Launch

I attended Doosan Bobcat’s unveiling of its new training center and extended product line in Aurora, Colorado, a few weeks ago. During the day, Bobcat displayed its new R-Series compact loaders, which have been redesigned to be more durable and easier to maintain. As part of its new direction, Bobcat announced that it’s developing its first line of compact tractors. Bobcat also showed off its new small articulated loader, or SAL, which is designed for landscaping, tree care, and snow removal. On top of these new and redesigned products, Bobcat also gave a presentation on its new MaxControl remote operation. This technology allows users to remotely operate a compact loader (skid-steer) through an app on a smartphone or tablet. After all these presentations, Bobcat allowed the attendees to operate the new machinery and technology. I was able to operate the new E145 excavator; the SAL; and the E42 R-Series compact excavator. After trying the machines, the innovation team demonstrated the MaxControl technology and gave us the opportunity to try it out. I was amazed by how quickly I felt comfortable operating the compact excavator by pushing buttons on a smartphone. After getting the controls down, I was able to remove a metal pail from one metal pole and place it on another without a hitch. (I guess all those video games weren’t totally useless.) –Ryan Crowell, editor

Giving Lambs a Helping Hand

We’re in the middle of lambing season at home. The process is fairly simple — check, feed, and water the ewes regularly, and look for new babies. Most problems occur with first-time mothers and when the weather is really cold or really wet, and then some lambs inevitably come inside for warmth, a shot of colostrum, and milk replacer. Not all lambs that need help on their first days wind up being bottle lambs, however. Often, their moms will recognize them and raise them as normal. –Hank Will, Editorial Director

Observational Journal

To take my nature journaling to the next level, I hiked Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve with the beautiful Nature Anatomy Notebook. In it, I can jot down notes, sketch out my observations, and organize my journaling by season, and it’s designed with a thoughtful, artistic touch. I’m excited to observe more and look back on these observations throughout the year! –Jessica Mitchell, editor

What Have You Been Doin’?

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