Blowing Soap Bubbles With a Morning Glory

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The author demonstrates her technique for blowing soap bubbles.

I like blowing soap bubbles with morning glories.

To do this yourself, first get some morning glory seeds. Plant them, in the spring, in a place where they can climb as they grow. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Be sure not to eat any of the plant starters. Morning glory seeds are poisonous!] Don’t forget to water the plants regularly.

Then, on a summer morning, check to see if your morning glories are blooming. If they are, get some bubble soap and put it in a small dish. (If you don’t have any bubble soap, you can make your own. Just mix a few tablespoons of dishwashing liquid into half a cup of water.)

Take your dish outside and pick one of the morning glories. Dip the flower in the soap, hold it up, blow on the stem … and you’ll get a bubble!

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