Where’s the Safest Place to Put a Bird Feeder?

Reader Contribution by Geoff Lebaron

I’d like to put a bird feeder by one of my windows, but don’t want birds to be injured by hitting the window. Where’s the safest place to put the feeder?

Feeder placement around houses can be very important, and there are easy things that can reduce the likelihood of fatalities from bird strikes, at least from birds taking off from the feeders.  There are two options: place the feeders close to the windows (or stuck to them with suction cups), or make sure they are some distance away.  Feeders close to the windows should be less than three feet away; those at a distance should be more than 30 feet away.

Here’s a good online resource about this in Audubon’s “Audubon at Home” section.

Geoff LeBaron, Christmas Bird Count director, National Audubon Society

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