What's Your Best Wild Weather Story?

Reader Contribution by Staff
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Blizzards, bitterly cold temperatures — the past few months have been full of wild weather stories, shared in the news and at the local coffee shops. Here in northeast Kansas, we had an early stretch of unusually bitterly cold days, followed by a white Christmas that for many people entailed being snowed in for anywhere from one to three days. It was beautiful, but definitely not the average Kansas Christmas. And that doesn’t hold a candle to the heavy-duty winter Washington, D.C., has been experiencing. (Check out these photos of Washington, D.C.’s, “snowmaggedon.”) Whether this week or 20 years ago, collectively experiencing a meteorological Big Deal often leads to some great stories (assuming everyone comes out OK), not to mention the pleasant comraderie that seems to stem from pulling through together.

Whether from this year or many past, what is your best wild weather story?