Beers Not Bombs: Company Makes Cool Stuff Out of Disarmed Nuclear Missile Systems

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A company called From War to Peace is doing some very cool things when it comes to recycling and sending a powerful message. The company, based in San Luis Obispo, Calif., makes “peace bronze” out of disarmed nuclear missile systems. The bronze is then transformed into items such as jewelry and bottle openers.

Even though they take their mission seriously, From War to Peace includes cheeky messages on their products. The bottle openers say “Beers Not Bombs” and the wine stoppers include the message of “Wine Not War.” I’m all for that!

The founders of From War to Peace, Paul and Sandee Ogren, believe in recycling everything, making the old useful and new. Their company’s products are made from the copper cabling that once connected nuclear

missile silos (don’t worry — all of the metal used has been tested to ensure that it’s not radioactive), they use all recycled paper in their marketing materials, and their Web servers are even powered using solar technology. They also donate 20 percent of profits to peace and social justice organizations in the United States and around the world.

Learn more about this unique company by going to their websites: From War to Peace and Beers Not Bombs.

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