“Backyard Wilderness” in Museum IMAX® March 2018

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SK Films has announced the release of their latest film, Backyard Wilderness, an exploration of the wonders of nature hiding in your own backyard to see.

Created by Emmy Award-winning and Oscar® nominated filmmakers Andrew Young and Susan Todd, the film is meant to pull audiences out of from their phones and back into the natural world that is highly visible around them if they take the time to look. The latest from SK Films is set to be released March 2018 into museum and science center theaters across the U.S. and Canada in stunning IMAX®.

The film follows Katie, a modern teenager attached to her phone, and her family that live next to the woods, but blinded to the world happening in the trees. As the film unfolds over the course of one seasonal year, Katie begins to interact with the world hidden in her backyard, and gradually discovers that Wi-Fi is not the most important connection to have in the world as she learns more about the creatures of her backyard. In Backyard Wilderness, audiences can share in the joy Katie finds through her interactions with this newly uncovered world.

Backyard Wilderness was filmed using mounted cameras in trees, along forest floors, pond bottoms, and inside animals’ nest and dens to show viewers how these animals behave when they think no one is watching. Using this method of filming gives audiences a glimpse of rare animal behaviors in their natural habitat.

“We’re thrilled to have made this movie,” says Young and Todd. “We live in a world where we are consumed with technology and the notion of instant gratification. Our desire for this film is to incite parents and children alike to slow down and embrace the small marvels of nature. No matter where you live, we all have access to unique and amazing outdoor environments that we can explore together at any age.”

The film reminds us all that extraordinary things happen in the seemingly ordinary places we take for granted every day, and to always embrace the small marvels of the nature right in front of us.

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