MOTHER EARTH NEWS: August/September 2009

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MOTHER EARTH NEWS: August/September 2009

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Top Story

Grow Your Best Fall Garden: What, When and How
Get started with the second half of the gardening season with these tips, plus our planting guide for fall crops.


Simple Living: 28 All-time Best Tips
Save money and be more self-sufficient with these reader tips from MOTHER’s ever-popular Country Lore department.

The Beauty of Wilderness: A Photo Essay from The Wilderness Society
Relish the wonder and majesty of nature with this photo journey to some of the United States’ most striking landscapes.

Everything He Wants to Do Is Illegal!
Activist Joel Salatin sounds off on the “food police,” raising and eating meat, and the future of farming.

Low-cost Multipurpose Minibuilding Made With Earthbags
Use this unique building technique to make a studio, garden shed, chicken coop or root/storm cellar — no building permit required!

You Can Build This Energy-efficient Solar Home
This classic prairie-style home integrates passive solar design, super energy efficiency, and other modern green features.

Plastics: What’s Dangerous, What’s Not
From toys to water bottles, here’s how to choose safe plastic products.


News from MOTHER
Are We Losing Sight of Our True Goals?

Reader letters on raising chickens for meat, population, the validity of global warming, and more

Green Gazette
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink
John Shuttleworth, Co-founder of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, 1937-2009
Budget-savvy Green Travel Guide
Help Locate Local Food
The New USDA: A New Hope for Food?
Teaching Kids to Conserve
Big Businesses Unite to Fight Global Warming
Rebuilding Green: Greensburg, Kan.

Crop at a Glance
Growing Broccoli
How to plant, grow and harvest broccoli, plus pest prevention tips and varieties to try.

Eat in Season
Delicious, Homemade Whole-grain Hamburger Buns
Once you discover the rich goodness of homemade hamburger buns, you’ll never be satisfied with store-bought buns again.

Firsthand Report
My Introduction to Self-reliance
A 13-year-old in New Mexico learns how to live off the land, and is inspired to start her own business.

Country Lore
Our $100 Clay Oven Brings in Bread
Great Gaskets for Hoses
Easy Plant Fertilizer for Houseplants
Easy-to-make Solar Cooker
Low-cost Graywater Irrigation
Recipes for Refreshing Face Masks
Simple Garden Gate
Composting Toilets: Readers Report
Simple Plant Markers
Free, Unique Scrapbooking Supplies
Nature’s Organic Fertilizer
Vines as Natural Air Conditioners

Green Home Improvement
Simple Ways to Cool Your Home and Save Big
Use energy-efficient ceiling, attic and whole-house fans instead of air conditioning.

Kitchen Garden
Edible Dahlias
Dahlia bulbs have a surprising variety of flavors, and their big, beautiful blooms brighten gardens.

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