Audubon Society 1988-1989 Wildlife Report

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The National Audubon Society has just released its annual Wildlife Report, the latest in an extraordinarily valuable series that began in 1985. Each volume has an extensive profile of a federal conservation agency (this year’s is the National Marine Fisheries Service), a flock of chapters on the natural history and status of various species, a couple hundred pages on selected programs of various federal agencies, another series of articles on “conservation challenges” and, finally, a handy series of appendices with addresses and phone numbers. It is an amazing job and an invaluable resource. Audubon Wildlife Report 1988/89, Academic Press (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich), 1988, 817 pages, $49.95 hardback, $24.95 paperback. Previous editions are still available.

Tom Turner, a writer and editor with 20 years’ experience in the environmental field, is staff writer for the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, an independent environmental law firm that represents many organizations across the country.