The Second Annual Arrowhead Mills 20k Run

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A moment from last year's Arrowhead Mills 20k Run.

Mr. Frank Ford, Chairman of the Board over at Arrowhead Mills (the “we treat our food with respect, not chemicals” people), is about to do it again.

“Do what?” you say? Well, Frank—with the help of the natural foods folks at Berrenda Mesa Farms, Gide’s Vitamins, and Tom’s Soaps—is gettin’ ready to put on another Arrowhead Mills Natural Foods 20-Kilometer Run down in Dallas, Texas. That’s what.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, the Arrowhead 20k Run is a long-distance event that attracts international caliber foot-racers, as well as us folks who just want to “see what we can do.” In fact, last year’s Natural Foods winner Jeff Wells set the second fastest marathon time ever recorded by an American (in the ’78 Boston event) and figures to be a top contender for a gold medal in the 1980 Olympics.

And, whether they jog down the block or race the 26-milers, more and more MOTHER EARTH NEWS-type people are takin’ up running every day. That’s probably because simpler, healthier, more productive lifestyles tend to produce folks who like to stretch their mental and physical limits. A good run is one fine way to give both the mind and the body a “total” workout.

So, if you just think that you might like to give the April 7, 1979 Run a try, or if you’re already lacin’ up the old sneakers in anticipation, Dr. E. Eugene Greer has all the facts and figures necessary to put your feet on those “mellow roads of Texas.”

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