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Top Gardening Challenges and How to Overcome Them
From rogue rabbits and 4-inch-long grasshoppers to clay soil and summer drought, veteran organic growers detail how they cope with vexing gardening problems.


Guide to Urban Homesteading
Go “back to the land” on a city lot! Envision what your small-scale homestead could provide and discover 10 steps to get there.

Homestead Hamlets: Neighborhood Gardens That Create Community Food Security
A Nebraska neighborhood is an example of how to live more sustainably and securely by networking with neighbors to produce and share homegrown harvests.

From Field to Flower: How to Grow Wheat
Determine which types of wheat you should grow, plus learn how to cultivate and process this staple grain for use in the kitchen.

Buy in Bulk for Big Savings on Better Food
You can slash your family’s food costs in half — and support local farmers — by buying meat, produce and dry goods in bulk.

Root Cellar Plans
Turn a never-used concrete septic tank into an old-fashioned root cellar to store your potatoes, winter squash and so much more.


Grow Your Garden Skills
A Tour of Heirloom Tomatoes
Maple Syrup, From Tree to Table
Make Dyes Via Nature’s Palette
Joel Salatin on Healing the Earth
Watch and Learn: Wiser Living Videos

News From MOTHER
Take the Earth Day Challenge!

Reader letters about gardening in the suburbs, raising heritage breed chickens, childfree living, fracking, wheat and health, and more.

Green Gazette
10 Environmental Nonprofit Organizations That Are Changing the World
Women in Agriculture: Number of Female Farmers Triples
How to Help Save the Monarch Butterfly
The Evolution of Earth Day
Brighter Lights
Cleaner Cars
Greener Sports

Real Food
How to Make Fresh Cheese: The Basic Steps
Fromage Blanc Recipe
Mascarpone Recipe
Paneer Recipe
Roast Coffee at Home for an Amazing Cup
How to Roast Coffee in a Cast-Iron Pan

Crop at a Glance
All About Growing Dry Beans and Peas
Dry beans a peas provide as much protein per serving as eggs, with the added benefits of fiber and an array of minerals. Learn the basics of growing these easy-to-store legumes.

Garden Know-How
Your Garden’s Soil pH Matters
Infuse your gardening with a little chemistry so you can fine-tune your soil for healthy crops and high yields.

Beautiful and Abundant
Growing Up Free: Inspired by Nature
For children to feel deeply connected with nature, they need to spend time roaming free.

Ask Our Experts
Passive House: Beyond Passive Solar
Avoid Unsafe Chemicals in Plastic
Portable Table Saw Purchasing Tips
How to Improve Clay Soil
Eliminate Mold in Your Home

Country Lore: Readers’ Tips to Live By
Rooftop School Garden in Bangkok
Eco-Minded Trash Recycling
A Patchwork of Pallet Projects
There’s No Place Like Earth
Conserve Fuel With a ‘Wonder Box’
Have You Herd? Raising Goats for Milk and Meat
A Recycler’s Mantra
Teaching Cob Construction in Africa
Scratch That
Trash, Trinket or Treasure?
Lead by Example
A Pinch of This, Plus a Bit of That
A Hand-Dug Backyard Pond

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