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Start a Quick and Easy Food Garden
You can grow a bountiful, organic food garden right now! This season-by-season planting plan shows you how to grow 25 favorite crops using an easy no-dig bag-gardening technique.


Best Chicken Breeds for Backyard Flocks
More than 1,000 readers with experience raising chickens responded to our survey, and we’ve got the results on the top chickens for eggs, meat, hot or cold climates, and more.

Lunar Nature
From full moons and moonshine to tidal pools and bird migration, the moon influences life and lore on Earth in countless, wondrous ways.

Best Trees for Your Yard
Trees add beauty and value to your home, and our advice will help you choose the perfect tree for your property.

Build an All-in-One Outdoor Oven, Stove, Grill and Smoker
Bake bread, barbecue beef, prepare pizza and so much more with MOTHER’s wood-fired cooking unit that you can build for about $300.

The New Era of High-MPG Cars
The first-ever MOTHER EARTH NEWS Best Green Cars list steers you toward six reliable vehicles each capable of 40 mpg or better.

Allergy Causes and Natural Allergy Remedies
Allergy symptoms from many common allergens, such as pollen, pet dander and dust mites, can be soothed with simple lifestyle changes and a dose of these herbal curatives.

Grow Great Lettuce
Reliability and productivity – all in a compact, crisp package – make lettuce an excellent crop for any food garden. Learn about different types of lettuce and how to plant, grow and harvest this versatile veggie.

Make Your Own Gas! Alcohol Fuel Basics
You can produce ethanol from your own crops, or from a variety of other products including food waste and crop culls.


News From MOTHER
MOTHER’s Having a Party and You’re Invited!

Reader letters on going back to the land, the joys of mortgage-free living, reducing home energy use, and more.

Green Gazette
Genetically Modified Corn — Safe or Toxic?
Nissan Leaf: The First Affordable Electric Car?
More Tools for Wiser Living
Watch This, and Rethink What’s for Dinner
MOTHER’s Publisher Chooses Green Power
Protect Your Garden From Killer Compost
Fraudulent Organic Operation Decertified

Eat in SeasonFresh and Local Spring Recipes
Spring is the time to savor foods fresh from the garden or local market. Try these recipes for Berries with Crème Fraiche, Special Spring Pesto, Fresh Garlic and Herb Mayonnaise, and more.

Firsthand Report
Learning to Live a Self-Sufficient Life
A young Wisconsin family relishes living simply on their off-the-grid homestead, complete with a bountiful garden, blacksmith shop, and even a horse-drawn wagon.

Garden Know-How
Install the Best Garden Fences
For reliable, around-the-clock protection for your garden, you can’t beat a well-chosen fence. Find out which fencing options will keep out the garden-raiding animals in your area.

Kitchen Garden
Jackson Wonder Lima Beans
This heirloom bush variety lives up to its name with uncommon flavor and color, plus it can be grown farther north than most limas.

Country Lore
A Terrific Tabletop Garden
Home-Based Woodworking Business Thrives
Companion Planting With Cole Crops and Onions
Chicken Tractor for Pastured Poultry
The Super Kelp Fertilizer
Better Than Apple Tree Spray
Craft a Flower Trellis From a Used TV Antenna
Terrific Flower Trellis

Green Home ImprovementBest Options for High-Efficiency Toilets
Some water-conserving toilets use about 55 percent less water than conventional models, helping you flush less water and money down the drain.

Ask Our ExpertsFind the Best Seeds: Choose Great-Tasting Varieties
Attract Night Crawlers to Your Garden
Save Money on Chicken Feed
Learn How to Identify Trees