Could-Do Calendar May 2018

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Could-Do Calendar May 2018

As spring comes to a close, don’t forget to refresh your home and welcome in the warmth.

May / June 2018 
By the Mother Earth Living Editors 

1. Observe Garden Meditation Day on May 3 by settling amongst your thriving plants to soul search.

2. Flip all mattresses around the house, and swap heavy duvets for light blankets.

3. Celebrate a new season of flowers by planting a window box.

4. Freshen your garbage disposal by grinding small pieces of lemon peel with crushed ice cubes and cold water.

5. Reorganize a tired room to liven up your living space.

6. Pull early weeds and mulch around the garden.

7. May 20 is Pick Strawberries Day. What says “summer” better than fresh berries warm from the sun?

8. While evenings are still cool, spend one around a fire pit hosting friends.