Could-Do Calendar May 2019

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1. On Renewal Day this May 4, rekindle healthy friendships, refresh your style, or rediscover an activity you loved.

2. Soil is soft, grass is green, and there’s no time like May to kick off your shoes and go barefoot.

Photo by Adobe Stock/Artanq

3. Bugs are back; to keep them away without toxic chemicals, consider a homemade repellent.

4. As your lawn is doused in sun and rain, don’t forget to fertilize.

5. While a great excuse to ask your children to organize, May 10, Clean Up Your Room Day, isn’t just for the youngsters.

6. Celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day on May 18 by cleaning the kitchen, ignoring the chore, or eating out.

7. With new life in the air, why not set up outside and give landscape painting a try?

Photo by Getty Images/fstop123

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