Ideas for Organizing Kitchen Space Efficiently

Reader Contribution by Mother Earth Living Staff
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• Try using a lazy Susan on a fridge shelf. The rotating function allows you to quickly see what’s on hand and keeps you from forgetting about that jar of pickles you bought weeks ago.

• Follow the “Noah’s Ark” principle for condiments: Store no more than two varieties of the same item in your fridge. Before your weekly grocery trip, do a quick purge. Toss expired items, and take stock of what you already have.

• Store leftovers in space-optimizing square or rectangular glass containers.

Drawers and Cabinets

• Make use of drawer organizers to tidy utensils and gadgets. Explore the array of options at The Container Store, or make your own affordable custom compartments. Find instructions: DIY Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer

• We often have wasted vertical space in cabinets, where short jars don’t require the full height of each shelf. Shelving products can help make better use of space. Spice rack options abound on the internet, or consider buying spices from bulk bins and keeping them in magnetic containers, stuck to a magnet strip on the inside of a cabinet door.

• Organize kitchen appliances and utensils according to how often you use them—put frequent-use items within easy reach and lesser-used ones on out-of-the-way shelves. This mindful approach to organizing also highlights items you can get rid of completely.

Under the sink

• Ditch the jumble of single-use chemical cleaners, and instead stick with multipurpose staples such as baking soda, white vinegar and castile soap. For a guide to natural cleaners, visit 8 Safe Ingredients to Clean Almost Anything.

• Convert the insides of cupboard doors into extra storage space by installing over-the-door caddies or small shelves.

• Take advantage of vertical space by stacking clear bins, keeping cleaning items neat and easily identifiable.

• Place a tension rod horizontally and use it to hang spray bottles, brushes and similar items, leaving space below for storage bins and trays.